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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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Solving Front Door UPVC Problem 

UPVC Door LocksIs the handle loose and difficult to use? The locking mechanism has most probably failed and has to be replaced. The lock is jammed? This shows a problem with the Euro profile cylinder. In some cases, it can be fixed, cleaned and lubricated to start working properly once again. When it’s worn or broken, however, it should be changed. Sometimes, the problem is actually with the keys rather than with the UPVC door locks. Bent, dull and chipped keys have to be replaced right away. Difficulties with closing the door can be caused by a jammed bolt or misaligned strike receiver. The bolt should be fixed and the receiver adjusted and secured properly. When the problem is caused by worn and detached weather seals, they have to be replaced. If the door doesn’t fit the frame, the hinges need to be adjusted to eliminate the issue. 

New Lock Installation

When is this necessary? When the cylinder and the locking mechanism aren’t in good condition and don’t work properly, it is best to change the entire lockset. There is no need to wait for an accident such as a home or office lockout to occur before deciding to replace locks. For keeping a high level of security at all times, locksets should be upgraded regularly. The new lock should be resistant to all of the most common break-in techniques, from snapping to picking and drilling. The right cylinder size depends on the thickness of the door and the handle back plate. The door should be measured for getting the locking mechanism size right as well. 

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